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Liu Chao: Lifting the 6th China (Mianyang) Science & Technology City International High-Tech Expo to a New Height and Making it More Practical

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      On April 23, Liu Chao, Deputy Secretary of CPC Mianyang Municipal Committee and Mayor of Mianyang Municipality presided over a special session to research the general plan of the 6th China (Mianyang) Science & Technology City International High-Tech Expo (hereafter referred to as the High-Tech Expo) and make arrangement for all the preparatory work. 

     The conference listened to the report on the preliminary and preparatory work and the general plan of the 6th High-Tech Expo and pointed out that as one of the three conventions and exhibitions of the whole province, the High-Tech Expo had been successfully held for five times, with each year’s event better than the previous year’s. For three years in a row, the High-Tech Expo has won the honor of “the Top 10 Branded Convention and Exhibition Nationwide”. It has developed into an important platform for the open-up and cooperation of the province and even the country. 

     The conference pointed out that this year is the beginning of implementing the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the 40th anniversary of the reform and open-up. It is also the first year of our city building a major city in West China in terms of economy. The success of the 6th High-Tech Expo is very significant. The whole city should be guided by Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and comprehensively implement the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his tour in Sichuan, especially his important requirement on the development of the Science and Technology City and military civilian integration development. The whole city should also earnestly learn,  understand and implement the important requirement of Secretary Peng Qinghua on expanding open-up, keep in mind the general picture and the general strategy, strengthen our sense of accountability, mission, and urgency. Effort should be made in coordination and cooperation. We should work meticulously and conscientiously to bring a 6th High-Tech Expo that is more interesting, of a higher level and with more practical benefits, in an attempt to comprehensively lift the open-up and cooperation of Mianyang to a new height.      

The conference emphasized that first we must have a precise positioning of the event. The aim should be building a military civilian integration demonstration platform for shared use, shared development and shared benefit. The theme should be “military civilian integration, scientific and technological innovation, and open-up and cooperation”. This theme should be reflected in all the arrangements of activities, the set-up of forums, and exhibitions and displays in order to make the High-Tech Expo an internationally renowned convention and exhibition brand and important platform that highlight the characteristics of military civilian integration and improve the open-up and cooperation level. Second, the focus must be right. We should further focus on the characteristics of military civilian integration, and continue to pursue the goal of developing the top convention and exhibition of military civilian integration in the country, meticulously organize and stage-manage related major event and theme activities, to share the development experience of military civilian integration at the forefront of the globe. We should display the new products of various places that reflect the theme of “military-turned civilian and civilian participating in military”, and proactively explore the effective path to in-depth development of military civilian integration. Effort should be made to turn the High-Tech Expo into an important vehicle of in-depth military civilian integration that involves all elements, covers multiple areas and brings abundant benefits. Third, we should lift the level. Effort should be made to lift the professional level and explore participants from all walks of life, and stage together various characteristic activities, to promote the High-Tech Expo to turn from a fixed-date exhibition to a series of exhibitions. We should stay committed to staging a more internationalized event, and acquire a global vision and strategic perspective, and perform strongly in the invitation of guest of honor, and the preparation of international forum and activities in order to attract more countries, regions and international enterprises to team up and attend the exhibition. Effort should also be made to introduce market operation in the event, continue to innovate new models of the event, and give full play to the role as a market entity of enterprises in organizing the exhibition, attracting businesses, staging the event and providing supporting services, in order to improve the market operation of this event and the capacity for sustainable development. Fourth, we should polish the image. We should have in mind the concept of thinking outside the context of exhibition, and continue to emphasize on both news publicity and brand marketing, and extend the focus to national Science and Technology City, a strong city for economy in West China and the second economic center of Sichuan while guiding all circles to focus on the High-Tech Expo. Concerted efforts should be made to introduce a Mianyang full of vitality and promise to the whole nation and the whole world. 

     The conference requires that we should lift our mindset and strengthen our sense of the big picture and responsibility, build on the pre-existing foundations to handle properly all preparatory work to meet high standards and provide high quality. We should have a clear division of responsibilities, and assign specific preparatory work to units, leaders and responsible persons. We should also develop a sheet of responsibilities and post it on the wall to ensure that all work is implemented. Close coordination is needed between the superiors and inferiors to shoulder the responsibility together and create a strong synergy to ensure that all preparatory work progresses in a solid, orderly and effective manner. 



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